About Us

Welcome to Uplift Salon Spa Studios

Located conveniently in Katy, TX 77494, Uplift Salon Spa Studios is pleased to provide the clean and welcome atmosphere, which will make you freely enjoy the relaxing moments and escape from all of life’s pressure to make the most of wonderful time. We offer our clients the maximum in style, quality, and customer service. We invite you to experience the difference in our services.

Uplift Salon Spa Studios facilitate independent businesses that offers high end full services including Hair, Nail, Facials, Lashes extensions, Wax, Eyebrows Microblading and all beauty care all under the same roof. Leading guest  to most current trend to enhance their beauty and perform multiple services at the same time to save time and money is our mission

It’s important to keep your nails looking chic and on-trend. To complete your look in style this season, there’s no better choice than this nail art design. Don't hesitate to get new you done by us!

With all of the options available to both women and men today, you don't have to be limited by a natural color that you feel doesn't fully reflect your personality. Whether you're a natural redhead who wants to step out of the limelight or a brunette who wants to live it up as a platinum blonde, the only limit is your imagination.
More than this, our experienced staffs are expert in customizing the length, fullness and shape of the eyelashes to make them perfectly matched on your charming face.

Visit us today and experience the combination of luxury and elegance. Our salon looks forward to seeing you!