Hair Extensions Services for Katy

Do you have short hair but secretly wish it would grow long faster? Does your hair have a tendency to break at a certain length, not allowing you to grow it any longer? Well luckily for you, hair extensions are made better than ever before, and at Uplift Salon Spa Studios, we are experienced in the careful application of quality hair extensions.

At our salon, we have many hair extension options for the people of Katy, providing a variety of styles, tastes and budgets. We have both natural and synthetic hair extensions in a myriad of colors so as to give you the greatest amount of variety possible.

There are a few different methods to applying hair extensions, here are a few that we employ in our Katy salon:

Fusion or Bonded Hair Extensions

This results in a natural looking hair extension. Small portions of hair are fused to your natural hair in rows. The hair strands are tipped with keratin and then bonded to the natural hair shaft using a heating method. The great thing about fusion or bonded hair extension is that they are very comfortable and do not add too much extra bulk to your scalp, putting stress on it. They are virtually unnoticeable. This type of hair extension is the most expensive and time consuming. An application can take up to three hours, depending on the thickness and length of your hair. However, it is well worth it as this type of method is the most long lasting and can last up to four months. It is important to keep in mind that once fusion extensions are removed, they cannot be re-used. This type of hair extension is suitable for all types of hair.

Tape-in Hair Extensions

With this method, thin rows of hair are attached to sections of your natural hair using tape and sealed with heat. This is another comfortable and natural looking option for the application of hair extensions. Tape-ins are suitable for all types of hair. This process is less time consuming than fusion and is less expensive, however, it needs to be maintained once every 6-8 weeks. These can be reused, so there is no need to keep re-purchasing them, which saves you money.

Sew in Hair Extensions

Otherwise known as “weave” hair extension, this method of sewing in hair is done by braiding your natural hair in rows across your head with a section of hair extensions. This is a method that does not use heat. The application method is best suited for thick, curly hair that has enough strength to support the braid. Like tape-ins, sew in extensions are reusable.

There are a variety of methods that are offered to the interested individuals of Katy that are suited for a variety of budgets and hair textures. To find out more about the cost and comfort of each method, and to decide on which method would be best suited to your hair texture, call our salon today to speak with one of our hair extension experts.