Spice Up Your Life With Uplift Salon Spa Studios’s Unique Nail Art Designs in Katy

Many Katy women know that the same old colors can lose their appeal after one too many wears. Not to worry, there is a wide array of nail art options that are easy and affordable to incorporate in our modern day and age.  What many of these women don’t realize is that nail art is a great way to express your creativity. Nail art is very versatile and can be done by a professional at a salon. At Uplift Salon Spa Studios our nail technicians are skilled at applying all types of nail art from airbrushing to rhinestones, polka dots and everything in between. No matter what your style vision is, our skilled nail technicians are sure to make it come to life.

At our Katy salon, we provide our clients with many picture books and magazines for nail art inspiration. There is no design that is too complicated for us. Many celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Rihanna shake-up their nail routine with nail art weekly. Rhinestones can make your hands sparkle and will be the talk of the town. Consider stars and stripes for Independence Day! Whatever the occasion, there are an infinite amount of nail art options that will suit the event. Below are just a few ideas to get you thinking about different nail designs.

Nail Art Ideas

Polka Dots

Polka dots are a fun and easy way to spice up your nail look. You can mix and match colors for this fun, flirty style. Polka dots are versatile in that they can be subdued or bright, depending on your mood. Try it in the summer for a refreshing nail art design!


Stripes are a great graphic way to express yourself through your nails. An interesting and patriotic way to use stripes is on the Fourth of July. Your American flag themed fingers will be all the rage at your tailgate party! Visit our salon for more holiday inspired nail art designs.


Glitter is a perfect way to glam up your nail routine without doing anything too drastic. Glitter looks gorgeous during the day while catching all of the Katy sunshine, and transitions seamlessly into the night for a sophisticated and mysterious evening look.


Airbrush is a popular nail art technique that allows for designs to be intricate and detailed. Our airbrushing technique ensures that all lines are blended and beautiful, resulting in a polished look. At Uplift Salon Spa Studios, we have many unique and intricate airbrush design templates to offer our Katy clients. We are always happy to customize any design that a client may like. We are very flexible, and believe that each of our clients has a unique style that should be celebrated and showcased. It is our passion to create personalized, unique and beautiful nail art designs for our valued customers. Stop by our Katy salon today and treat yourself to a gorgeous new nail design!