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Shiatsu Massage

Based on ancient Chinese medicine this Japanese type of therapy is very different to your typical massage. At Uplift Salon Spa Studios we offer a tailored approach to shiatsu that is a truly unique experience. The attention to detail displayed by our fully certified shiatsu therapists will leave your body feeling revitalized in a way that you didn’t think possible. Although it is a more recent addition to our massage plate, it has proven extremely popular with customers who seek vigorous bodywork. If you are interested in finding our more about this unique spa massage treatment then contact us right away.


Unlike Swedish massage that uses oils, or hot stone massage which applies smooth and heated basalt rocks to your skin, the beauty of shiatsu is in its simplicity. In shiatsu therapy, pressure is applied using your hands fingers, elbow and even feet to key pressure points in your body. Shiatsu also incorporates stretching and rotating joints and muscles so as to achieve optimal satisfaction. In brief, this is a bodywork therapy for a person who is committed to actively improving their pain relief.

The other unique point of shiatsu comes from the fact that it provides your body with the triggers and ability to heal by itself rather than having to use any intermediary. By manipulating your body’s energy flow, our specialized shiatsu therapists have the capabilities of not only improving your physical wellbeing but also counteracting stress and enhancing mental and emotional strength.

How Can Shiatsu Help Me?

Shiatsu has been practiced in Asia for centuries but first made an impact on this side of the world in the 1970’s. Since then it has been a mainstay for any massage treatment facility and we are very proud to have been one of the first spas in the area to offer this oriental bodywork. In that time, shiatsu has helped thousands of clients re-direct their energy levels in a positive manner. Some of the most practical benefits that shiatsu can have are:

Counteracting Fatigue

Everyone loses energy from time to time. Whether it’s a tough day at work, the notorious 3 PM slump or a more consistent lethargy issue, shiatsu can help. By restoring and maintaining the body’s energy it can counteract any feelings of weakness and tiredness.

Reduces Stress

Sometimes the hustle and bustle can be too much. Living and working in such an environment can induce stress and lead to increased anxiety. This can lead to tension headaches and attributed muscle pain. A regular shiatsu therapy will alleviate that and return your body’s natural energy flow to its best in a quick and effective manner.

Female Specific Benefits

The self-healing nature of shiatsu means that it can help reduce a number of symptoms only felt by women. Issues such as menstrual problems and even morning sickness can be reduced considerably or removed altogether with the help of shiatsu.

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